Charli D’Amelio is the most successful teenager on Tik Tok. The 16-year-old US-American was the first person to collect 100 million followers on the short video platform – in just one and a half years. We take a look at the portrait to see who she is and why she is so popular.

After Bella Poarch recorded the most successful Tik-Tok video, the focus is now on another creator. The US-American Charli D’Amelio is the first person to collect 100 million followers on the short video platform. In doing so, she does not do much differently than anyone else.

Since her registration 18 months ago, D’Amelio has been posting typical dance and lipsync videos in which she dances step sequences to certain song snippets or moves her lips.

In July 2019 D’Amelio shared such a dance video in which another creator showed her a choreography and she danced it. The clip went viral and made the teenage girl a Tik-Tok star.

Why is Charli D’Amelio so successful on Tik Tok?

A year and a half later, the 16-year-old girl has by far the most followers on the platform. Behind her is the four years older US-American Addison Rae Easterling with just 69.9 million followers.

D’Amelio doesn’t seem to do anything different than other creators, and yet she of all people is so successful. She already told the US-American station NBC News in 2019: “It’s so crazy when I think about it. Why do people follow me? What do I do differently than others?”

She thinks there is something about the Tik-Tok algorithm that she likes. On the basis of this, users will receive suggestions for contributions from creators that they are not yet following. This is how her 100 million followers must have discovered her.

Charli D’Amelio becomes famous and markets himself

Through her strong Tik-Tok presence, stars and media have also become aware of the girl. D’Amelio was already allowed to dance with the singer Bebe Rexha in the opening act of a Jonas Brothers show and appeared in a music video by Jennifer Lopez.

Thus even more fans have become aware of the teenager. Similar to Kim Kardashian, she is now known for her fame. She and her family now use this to market themselves.

Her sister Divie D’Amelio runs a Tik-Tok account with 44 million followers. And the parents of the two also present themselves under the name “The D’Amelios”. They even maintain their own YouTube series, podcast and product line.

The book “Essentially Charli” is also scheduled to be published this year.

Charli D’Amelio earns millions – and forgets their manners

In August 2020, Forbes magazine also published that D’Amelio was one of the seven highest-earning teenagers on Tik Tok.

According to the magazine, she is said to have already earned four million US dollars thanks to advertising contracts with the Dunkin Donuts candy chain and the Hollister clothing brand, among others. Her sister is also said to have earned 2.9 million US dollars in this way.

However, the money already seemed to have gone to D’Amelio’s head. She published a YouTube video in which she made faces behind a family chef and then demanded chicken nuggets from him.

The influencer received much criticism for her disrespect and then apologized for her behavior in tears in a live video. The situation had been a misunderstanding and she was only human, she said.