Within a few years, Instagram has developed into a big player in Germany. Meanwhile there are 15 million German Instagramers.

Within a few years, Instagram has developed into a big player in Germany. Now, there are 15 million German Instagrammers. Thus, Instagram has taken second place in the ranking of the largest social networks here.

Exactly a year ago, Instagram introduced Instagram Stories in Germany. At the time, the cheap Snapchat copy was considered a weak attempt to slow down the success of Snapchat.

In the meantime, the Instagram Stories have developed into a format with their own character. There are plenty of advertising formats, business profiles, and location and hashtag stories to help you increase your Instagram reach.

Half of companies use Instagram Stories

With more than 250 million users per day, Instagram Stories have long since been competing with Snapchat in nearly every aspect. And the format is good for more than just casual users. In July, 2017, half of all companies in Germany which are on Instagram have experimented with Stories – a high degree of market penetration.

The ideas range from winning games to tutorials and live questioning. With BASIC Thinking Daily, we have established a format through which we report daily on our developments in the tech industry on our Instagram account. We are currently reaching more than 1,000 people every day – and the numbers keep going up.

Instagram in Germany: 15 million Instagrammers every month

The success of Instagram Stories is, of course, the user base of the platform itself.

Whoever is involved in relevant Facebook groups quickly realizes that Instagram is currently one of the hottest platforms in Germany.

An ever-growing community is adding to the new content and advertising formats. As reported by the social network, 15 million German Instagrammers use the platform each month to share images, create stories, or just gather inspiration.

Instagram is now officially the second largest social network in Germany. Only its parent company Facebook is bigger, with twice the users.

An overview of social networks in Germany:

  1. Facebook: 30 million monthly active users (MAU).
  2. Instagram: 15 million MAU.
  3. Twitter claims 12 million users. However, it is not clear whether they mean logged on users or monthly active users.
  4. Xing: 10.1 million members.
  5. LinkedIn: more than 10 million members in Germany.
  6. Snapchat: 5 million monthly active users in June, 2017.
  7. Pinterest: no stats available for the German market, but estimated to have about 3 million MAU.

With 15 million German Instagrammers, the Facebook subsidiary thus has a solid base. There doesn’t currently seem to be a competitor in position to take its place.