Influencers have long had the opportunity to monetize their content on YouTube, Twitch and the like. Now a new level will be added very soon. Instagram is planning a subscription model for “successful” content creators.

When YouTube introduced its partner program model in 2007, it was considered a revolutionary idea. But it wasn’t until a few years later that the video platform realized the potential of the system. Suddenly, “simple” YouTubers were able to earn money with their content by placing advertisements.

Other platforms followed suit. New models and ways to make a living from clicks emerged. This gave rise to the concept of “influencers,” who can persuade millions of people to buy products with their reach alone.

Instagram had already announced model

As The Information reports, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri expressed back in May 2021 that the idea of paid subscriptions was being explored alongside a possible marketplace for NFTs.

Here’s how the model works: Accounts with particularly high reach can set so-called “exclusive content.” This can be stories or simple posts. However, only followers who pay a certain amount per month have access to these.

But now it seems that the time has come. According to several sources, hints of the upcoming subscription service have appeared in the iOS version of the Instagram app. Specifically, various in-app purchases can be viewed in the App Store. The prices range from 0.79 pounds to 4.49 pounds.

Exclusive stories tested for some time

Although nothing official has been announced, hints of how the subscription model could be implemented already surfaced in June. At the time, a Twitter user published screenshots of the possible function.

Various subscription models in use so far

The concept of being able to access exclusive content for an additional monthly fee is nothing new in itself. The most prominent example is probably OnlyFans. Here, fans can access so-called secret content for a monthly subscription fee.

Looking at Instagram, it is likely that a handful of creators will first be allowed to test the new function for a while. If everything goes smoothly and the model is well received by users, the function will be available to everyone who has reached a certain number of followers.