Dyson has now brought out with the Dyson V8 the supposedly most powerful wireless vacuum cleaner.

The one things that bothers people the most when vacuuming is the cable. It always gets in the way, or it doesn’t reach that one far corner. Now, Dyson has come out with the Dyson V8, supposedly the most powerful wireless vacuum cleaner ever. We have tested the vacuum cleaner.

Dyson has been known for many years for making design pieces out of what are usually boring, everyday products such as vacuum cleaners. However, with a list price of 599 euros, a vacuum cleaner must do a lot more than just look pretty. The Dyson V8 * promises a lot, but can it deliver?

The V8 is based on 264 patents and patents pending,  and 150 technicians and developers have worked on it – overe 188,000 hours. In the following, we will look at all relevant topics. In the end there is, as always, a conclusion.

What it includes

The Dyson V8 Absolute is actually a vacuum cleaner, but it looks more like a gun from a science fiction film –  a long suction tube, two attachments for use on either carpets or tile / wood floors, a mini-electric brush as well as a crevice tool and combination tool. And of course, there’s also a charger and wall bracket.

The design

As already mentioned above, a Dyson device is always something special. The suction tube is metallic orange, while the rest is silver with red and blue highlights: the thing just looks good. You really don’t feel like you are supposed to be vacuuming when you have the V8 in your hand.

The handling

In terms of handling, V8 is also clearly a winner. Switching attachment and  the other snap into place. Via the soft-touch trigger, you can vacuum just like you fuel up at the gas station. When you let go, the V8 stops vacuuming. This saves electricity and is very simple, but can be particularly annoying if you have small hands and vacuum for a long time.


The application fields of the Dyson V8 (Image: Dyson)

Due to the easy handling, it is of course also very simple to use the V8 in different situations. For dusting the ceiling, take off the head and use the nozzle itself; when cleaning the car, you can detach the tube and attach a small brush directly to the base; for carpets, it is easy to change between the two cleaner heads – its all done in seconds and is an enormous time-saver.

The battery power

According to the manufacturer, only seven minutes of battery time is available in the so-called “MAX mode,” the mode with the most suction force. In the test, we got to eight minutes, which is one more than advertised, but nevertheless, rather disappointing. In the normal mode, depending on the nozzle, you get between 25 and 40 minutes. This is enough for normal use (meaning not if it is really dirty) to vacuum an apartment (approximately 100 square meters) two to three times.

Dyson has switched from a nickel-manganese cobalt to a nickel-cobalt aluminum battery as compared to the previous model, the V6, and has updated the engine with more efficient mechanisms. Negatively, it is noticeable that the Dyson V8 takes forever to charge. In our test, it took three hours. This is way too long.

The missing cables

Of course, the absolute plus of the V8 is its cordless operation. There is nothing more annoying than having to constantly watch the distance to the outlet while vacuuming, having to unplug the cable, plug it back in and get it from under the door, only to have it not reach because the cable is too short.  All of these problems go away with the V8 and other cordless vacuum cleaners on the market. A blessing.

This also saves a lot of space. No more big vacuum cleaners in the closet, no more annoying tubes. The V8 hangs on the wall, is charged directly there and is very discreet. The drawback (see above) is, of course, the battery power and charging time.

The cleaning

Yes, even a vacuum cleaner must be cleaned from time to time, especially if you have pets or – here I speak from experience – a girlfriend with long hair. They like to get caught in the brushes and thus reduce the performance over time. With the V8, you can remove the brushes with a handle, clean them briefly and reinsert them. The same goes for the filter. This is how it should be.

The emptying

With a capacity of just over half a liter, the V8 is not a very voracious dust monster. You empty it with just a touch over the garbage can and it really does not take long. This, however, at least in my view, is not a particularly hygienic process. I prefer to collect the dust in a bag and throw it away as a whole instead of tipping it over the trash can.

The filter

“It expels cleaner air than the air you breathe.” This is what Dyson promises on their website. This is due to the HEPA filter, which absorbs allergens. For the average user, it would be difficult to double check this statement, but we smelled no trace of the bad smell that typically comes out of vacuums.


View inside of the Dyson V8 (Image: Dyson)

The noise

Dyson gives it as 82 dB. This is within the usual range and is neither good nor bad. In the normal mode, however, the Dyson is pleasantly quiet – you can talk easily with a slightly raised voice.

The facts in overview

  • Color: orange / silver
  • Weight: 2.6 kg (or 6 kg with accessories)
  • Product dimensions: 124.6 x 25 x 22.2 cm
  • Capacity: 0.54 liters
  • Power: 425 watts
  • Voltage: 21 volts
  • Action radius: 1000 cm
  • Noise level: 82 dB
  • Running time: 25 to 40 minutes

Conclusion: Is the Dyson V8 worth it?

After discussing the essential points and the facts, let’s conclude: the Dyson V8 is by far the most stylish vacuum cleaner on the market, providing excellent vacuuming and ease of handling, and has decent battery performance.

On the other hand, there is the enormously long charging time, the small capacity and how it is emptied. In addition, it can also be annoying to have to constantly  press the soft touch button – a luxury problem. Also, at the special price of 599 euros, it’s not cheap. That’s a lot to pay for a vacuum cleaner.

Thus, the Dyson V8 is probably only for people who have real problems with vacuuming, regularly have to vacuum in various environments, and who are looking for a space-saving solution. In addition, the Dyson V8 could also be interesting to allergy sufferers – even if there are a lot of good and cheaper alternatives.

If the 599 euro price doesn’t bother you, you will be fully satisfied with the Dyson V8. If you want something cheaper, you can also look at the previous model, the Dyson V6. Its specs are all below those of the V8, but it could be an alternative.