Twitter has announced that users will be able to verify their Twitter account again from 2021. The short message service had switched off the feature for several years – and is now reintroducing it again, because verification is still important for many users.

Since November 2017, users have no longer been able to have their Twitter account verified. The short message service had suspended the function in the past years, so we could no longer apply for a blue verification check mark.

Since then, Twitter has only verified accounts independently. Now the company writes in a blog post that there are now many accounts on Twitter that should not be verified.

The short message service now first plans to remove the blue check marks from inactive or incomplete profiles. Then Twitter plans to resume the verification process with new, clear guidelines.

Verify Twitter account: Why is the blue tick so valuable?

The blue tick on the Twitter profile picture was very valuable for a long time. It confirmed that an account was real – this applies to public figures, politicians and actors, but also to news portals and other media.

Users could easily see whether a profile was trustworthy and real – or not. However, there was also criticism.

Twitter unchecked many accounts because users made small changes to their accounts, such as changing their profile photo. There were also no clear rules about what requirements had to be met to get verification.

At the end of 2017, the company completely suspended the function – until now.

Why does Twitter not start with verification until 2021?

In 2021, the short message service wants to do everything better – and to do so, it first wants to gather feedback and criticism from its users. They can take part in an official survey and make requests for new guidelines and clear requirements.

Once the new rules are in place, many accounts are likely to lose their verification again, as they will no longer comply with them. However, there is no exact date as of when the new guidelines will come into force and users will be able to verify their Twitter account again.

Which accounts does Twitter verify?

Twitter does not verify all types of accounts. If you want to have a blue check mark, your account must be either directly from you as a known person or from a brand or be associated with it.

Specifically, the short news service takes into account government institutions, companies, brands, organizations, news portals, entertainment companies, sports clubs, activists and public figures.

In addition, accounts of activists and influential personalities must meet several criteria. These include, for example, a profile in Google Trends with proven search activities or a dedicated Wikipedia page.

In addition, verified accounts may not publish content that violates the general terms of use of Twitter.

So it should be exciting to see what criteria Twitter uses to evaluate fake news. The company reserves the right to revoke a verification at any time, either justified or unjustified.

In addition, Twitter announced that in the coming weeks it will present further possibilities for users to identify themselves on the platform. There will be new account types and labels.