Despite the brilliance of the brand and its loyal fan base, Apple is largely invisible on the social media.

With a stock market valuation of $782 billion, Apple is the most valuable company in the world. Despite the brilliance of the brand and its loyal fan base, Apple is largely invisible on social media. This is changing a bit now with its Instagram account.

Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon. In many categories, these five dominate the show. They are all among the most valuable stock market listed companies, generate billions of dollars and have huge fan bases around the world.

In contrast to these other large American corporations, Apple is hardly or not at all represented by PR firms in Germany and the rest of Europe. This means that it is almost impossible for journalists to get exclusive interviews or statements.

The new Instagram account from Apple

On social media, it’s similar. Apple’s company account on Facebook shows 7.34 million fans, while on Twitter there are 1.04 million followers. Nevertheless, the iPhone company is not active. On Twitter, a single tweet has not yet been posted.

All the more amazing is it that Apple has now launched an official Instagram account – and is using it.

The performance on the picture network was started in early August. The first pictures were published on August 7th. Not even 24 hours later, the Instagram account counted almost 300,000 fans and the images reached more than 20,000 people without hashtags.

How Apple integrates its fans

According to its own statements, Apple does not want to use the channel for product innovations or advertising. Rather, the campaign “Shot on iPhone” is to be extended to the social network.

The Instagram account collects the most beautiful pictures shot by iPhone users who have tagged their images with the #ShotOniPhone hashtag. Apple, however, doesn’t just share the images. No, the profiles of the photographers are linked in the post and also receive a lot of attention.

With its Instagram account, Apple demonstrates that it knows how to make the most of a social network and how to build a brand name through its users.