When is the best time for Tik Tok? If you know when your followers are most active, you’ll achieve more commitment. We show you how to find out when you perform best on the short video platform with your posts.

Like all other social media platforms, Tik Tok has a time when your followers are most active.

Finding the best time for Tik Tok can help you generate more engagement. If you post your content at a time when most of your followers are online, there’s a better chance that they’ll see it.

When is the best time for Tik Tok?

The best time for Tik Tok cannot be determined across the board. It varies from account to account, because it depends on the individual followers. So you also have an individual time period in which your content performs best.

To determine the best time for Tik Tok, you can take a few steps. Here are a few tips to help you.

Finding out the best time for Tik Tok: Create a Pro Account

First of all, you should create a Pro account to use Tik Toks Analytics.

With a Pro account, you can analyze various statistics about your own profile. For example, you can see how long your followers watched a video of you and how they came across your content.

You can convert your profile to a Pro account at any time. All you have to do is change the settings in your preferences. Your settings will then have an additional menu item for analysis, where you can view your statistics.

The statistics are divided into the number of generated video views, the development of your followers and the views of your Tik-Tok account. You can analyze them for different periods of time.

In the Follower menu you can view all activities and monitor your growth. Use these indicators to find out which of your posts are performing best and remember when you posted them.

Where do your followers come from?

The statistics also show you demographic information. For example, you can see which countries your followers come from and how the numbers are developing.

But there’s a catch: Tik Tok doesn’t show you which cities they come from. For example, if you have a large audience in the USA, you need to consider different time zones. But you can’t use the statistics to find out which states your followers come from.

For example, if you are in New York and most of your followers come from the USA, you can assume that they live in Eastern Standard Time. So you know that if you publish a suitable article, you can be sure to reach this target group.

But you have to make sure that your followers on the West Coast have a different daily rhythm. If you post something at eight o’clock in the morning, your West Coast subscribers should be sleeping at that time.

You should also know that the Tik-Tok algorithm takes into account the time zone in which you live and publish your content.

If you’re constantly posting from one location, chances are you’ll generate the most followers in that time zone. This is the target group you should primarily address.

When are your followers most active?

You can also scroll down to the “Follower activity” section in the follower statistics. There you will find detailed information about the hours and days when your subscribers are most active.

Keep in mind, however, that all Tik-Tok analyses are recorded in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). So you need to convert the hours when your followers are most active to the time zones of their locations.

Best time for Tik Tok: How does your content perform?

Of course, the first step is not when you post something, but what you post. You should therefore study which of your content works best.

Take a look at your top posts and see when you posted them. Under the Analytics tab, you can see how your posts have performed over the last seven days.

By clicking on a video there, you can see a lot of facts and figures about your post. These include, for example, the total number of hits, the average viewing time, the source time of the data traffic and the countries from which your hits originate.

Ask yourself if there is a connection between when you posted a video and how well it performed. You can look at the following factors:

  • Date and time of the published video
  • Likes, comments and shared videos
  • Playtime of the video
  • Call numbers of the video
  • Source of traffic
  • Reached number of users
  • Top Follower Countries

Write down which of your contents perform best each week. You should combine this factor with the published time and the time zone of the audience.

There is no perfect mathematical solution to finding the best time for Tik Tok. But our tips should help you determine when your audience is most active and when your content is best received.