There are several browser extensions for Netflix that allow you to get even more out of the streaming service. We present you our five favorite plugins.

Netflix has become an indispensable part of many living rooms. The streaming service has numerous series and movies on offer for us, with which we can be entertained in a self-determined way.

However, you’ve probably found yourself complaining about a few little things on a high level – maybe boring intros or the interrupting question “Are they still there?” when you’re having a series marathon?

There are some browser extensions with which you can eliminate exactly these small disruptive factors. We would like to introduce you to our five favorite plugins for this purpose.

Browser extensions: Get more out of Netflix with these 5 plugins

During a long series marathon on Netflix, two things are most annoying: the countdown to the next episode and the interrupting question “Are they still there?” when the binge-watching lasts longer than the streaming service considers usual.

The Netflix Pause Removal add-on for Google Chrome solves this problem. Once it is installed, you can watch series and movies undisturbed for as long as you want.

The plugin is not yet available for other browsers. For Mozilla Firefox, however, there is the alternative browser extension Skippy for Netflix with the same functions.

Netflix Party: How to watch a movie synchronously

Watching movies together is the most fun. Thanks to the Chrome extension Netflix Party, you don’t even have to be in the same room. The add-on ensures that you can watch a movie with other people in sync.

You can create your own party with the plugin and then invite people via a link. They also need to have the extension installed. They also need their own Netflix access. A chat also gives you the opportunity to exchange information about the movie in real time.

Watch series and movies instead of searching endlessly

And who doesn’t know that moment when you just can’t find a series or movie that you really want to watch right now. We can solve this problem with two different browser extensions at once.

On the one hand, there is the Chrome extension Findflix, with which you can search series and movie categories more easily. The plugin lets you browse through hidden genres like science fiction adventures or comedy classics.

The second option is called Netflix Roulette. If you can’t decide on a movie at all, you can filter through 28 categories to find exactly what you want.

Netflix Roulette is a normal page and not a browser extension, so you don’t need to install anything. However, Roulette will also show you Netflix movies that are available in the US. So it may happen that your search hits are not available in Germany.