A new iOS feature is supposed to analyze advertisements and guarantee more data protection and privacy. The so-called Private Click Measurement (PCM) could permanently change click tracking analysis.

Anyone who places online advertising wants to know whether and how it works. This makes analysis methods such as click tracking all the more important.

By tracking users, companies can analyze ads and find out how many clicks and potential sales they generate. The issue of data protection and privacy often falls by the wayside.

New click tracking procedure as part of iOS

With the help of a new iOS feature, Apple therefore wants to optimize click tracking and ensure more data protection and privacy.

The company wants to integrate the so-called Private Click Measurement, or PCM for short, into its iOS operating systems before the end of the year.

A corresponding program is already running as part of the so-called WebKit project.

Apple also wants to implement the tool in its browser software soon. As part of the Safari engine, PCM would then be available for iPhones, iPads and presumably Macs as well.

In addition, the tech giant plans to integrate it into iOS and iPad apps. According to Apple, this will allow advertisers to analyze their ads directly within a corresponding application.

Privacy-friendly click tracking

With the help of PCM, the conversion rate, i.e. the interaction rate of users, can be analyzed while at the same time ensuring full data protection.

As part of the WebKit project, Apple developer John Wilander explains that PCM will become an integral part of iOS software in the future.

In order to guarantee more data protection and privacy, the application is to do without cookies.

Apple also wants to deliberately separate analysis processes from each other so that the evaluation is time-delayed and takes place within a framework of 24 to 48 hours.

With PCM, click tracking also takes place directly on the corresponding device without the data ever leaving it.

PCM as standard for all browsers?

If Apple has its way, PCM could be standardized for all web browsers. Even for the competition from Google, Firefox and Microsoft. However, the company’s own browser Safari is to be the first.

According to John Wilander, the application will be preset within Safari. Whether advertisers or private individuals ultimately use it is up to each person.

Apple also wants to take bowing measures for misuse such as location tracking.