Netflix wants to further expand its gaming offering. The company announced the establishment of its own studio for the development of games. However, the previous Netflix games met with little interest.

Streaming provider Netflix has announced the establishment of its own gaming studio in Helsinki, Finland. The company is thus pushing ahead with its efforts to expand its interactive offering. Netflix made the announcement in an official statement recently.

According to Amir Rahimi, vice president of game studios at Netflix, this is “another step in our vision to build a world-class game studio.” The company wants to offer its “hundreds of millions of members around the world a variety of entertaining and engaging original games,” he said.

Netflix expands its gaming division

Netflix chose Helsinki as its location because it is home to some of the world’s greatest gaming talent. In turn, the company plans to build its new gaming studio from the ground up. Next Games” is another studio in Helsinki that Netflix had already acquired at the beginning of the year.

Together with the US developers Boss Fight and Night School Studio, Netflix now has four gaming studios. However, the company emphasized that it is still in the early stages in this area and still has a lot of work ahead of it “to offer a great gaming experience on Netflix.”

N Games have met with little interest so far

The streaming provider had already released its first games under the title “N Games” at the end of 2021. At the start, however, the offering consisted only of a few mobile games for Android, which are only available to Netflix subscribers.

In the meantime, the company has added a few more games that are also available for iOS users. However, the interest in Netflix’s games seems to be limited. All games have been downloaded around 23 million times in total.

However, the number of daily active users is reportedly only around one percent. Amir Rahimi again expressed:

It can take years to develop a game. I’m proud of how we’re laying the groundwork for our game studios in the first year, and I look forward to seeing what we produce in the years to come.