Two and a half years ago, the public ridiculed Tesla, whereupon company boss Elon Musk twittered on April 1st that he had been found drunk with many empty “Teslaquila” bottles. Now the April Fool’s joke is becoming reality: In the USA Musk sells Tesla Tequila for 250 US dollars.

After a historic low in Tesla stock in March 2018, Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla had gone bankrupt. Eccentric as he is, he also posted afterwards that he had been found drunk on a Tesla 3 with many empty bottles of tequila.

After initial speculation, Musk confirmed after a few months that Tesla had then really filed a patent for “the intention” to use the brand name “Teslaquila”.

And now, two years later, the electric car manufacturer from Palo Alto has made his April Fool’s joke a reality. The exclusive Tesla Tequila is available in the American Tesla Shop.

Tesla tequila costs 250 US dollars

Specifically, it is an old, matured premium tequila. It is said to be “dry fruity, slightly vanilla with a balanced cinnamon-pepper finish” – and cost no less than 250 US dollars.

Although each order was limited to a maximum of two bottles and was only shipped to a few US states due to US laws on online sales of alcohol, the Tesla Tequila is already sold out.

This means that only customers 21 years or older were allowed to order the tequila. In addition, the U.S. postal service is not allowed to leave parcels containing alcohol on the doorstep.

It makes a total of three delivery attempts for Tesla Tequila. Either way, shipping to Germany would not have been possible.

Tequila comes from Nosotros

Behind the schnapps is the company Nosotros Tequila. According to its own information, the company usually sells tequilas aged in French oak barrels for about four months for about 45 US dollars.

So the Tesla Tequila is a whole lot more expensive – but it also comes in an exclusive, mouth-blown bottle that looks like lightning. The design is intended to signal Tesla’s connection to electricity.