Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in the course of his upcoming Twitter takeover that he wants to make the short message service partially chargeable. Accordingly, a fee could be charged for commercial and government accounts in the future. Musk wants to generate additional revenue with tweet quotes.

Will Twitter soon be chargeable?

Elon Musk wants to create new opportunities to earn money with the short message service after a successful Twitter takeover. This is what the Tesla CEO has promised his creditors. To this end, Musk wants to make the platform partially chargeable.

As the Reuters news agency reports, the richest man in the world is apparently considering charging a fee from government and commercial accounts in the future. However, Twitter should continue to be free for private and occasional users, he said. Musk communicated this via tweet, adding that some revenue is better than none.

Elon Musk wants to make Twitter partially chargeable

Elon Musk’s proposals are part of a push to boost the short messaging service’s revenue to also compete financially with meta platforms Instagram and Facebook. According to Reuters, the Tesla CEO also proposed changes to the premium subscription service Twitter Blue in several other tweets that he later deleted.

According to the statement, Musk wanted to lower subscription prices, ban advertising and add the cryptocurrency Dogecoin as a payment method. Meanwhile, to his creditors, from whom he secured financing for the acquisition, the Tesla CEO promised not only to generate additional revenue but also to cut costs.

Fees for tweets and quotes?

However, it is still unclear what a cost reduction should look like in concrete terms. A week earlier, Reuters reported that Musk was also considering fees for tweets and thinking about cutting executive salaries. He also wants to stop paying salaries to the board of directors altogether.

According to reports, websites will in future pay for quoting or embedding tweets from verified individuals or organizations. Musk will not decide whether he wants to lay off employees until the takeover is finally in the bag.

In the shadow of the imminent takeover by Elon Musk, the platform is meanwhile working on some new functions. After developers recently found the first hints of the so-called Edit button, the short message service has now launched the test phase for the Circle function.