The summer of 2017 could be difficult for site operators and administrators of Facebook fan pages.

Since the end of July, 2017, administrators have no longer been able to customize their Facebook posts before publishing. This measure is designed to protect users against fake news. Now, there is a new problem: it is no longer possible to create a carousel post.

The summer of 2017 could be difficult for site operators and administrators of Facebook fan pages.

At the end of July, when the F8 developer conference ended, Facebook disabled an essential function: editing links.

Until then, administrators had the opportunity to make some changes before posting a new Facebook post. For example, the header, the teaser and the page name could be edited or removed.

By withdrawing the processing options, Facebook wants to prevent the spread and targeted manipulation of false alarms. This is why publishers now suffer.

For power users who can not do without this feature, Facebook expert Thomas Hutter has found a workaround. However, it is not uncomplicated and can not be fully implemented.

Restriction on carousel posts expanded?

Starting this week there is another problem for fan page administrators. Now, numerous site operators report that it is also no longer possible to create or edit a carousel post.

The format gives the operator of a Facebook page the option to add more pictures to a normal link post. These are played side by side after the release and increase the click incentive through additional impressions.

This is how a carousel post looks:


At this point, the problem is currently occurring. Facebook also offers the possibility to upload pictures. If you select them, they will be added, but disappear automatically before being posted.

It’s still  not clear whether this error is related to the limitation of the processing possibilities. However, it is also possible that the error is due to a bug.

We have already asked at Facebook and will inform you as soon as there is news. In the meantime, site operators probably won’t be publishing any more carousel posts.