Facebook has announced several innovations today. There are to be new advertising formats and revenue streams for creators. In particular, creators should be able to earn more money through Facebook videos in the future.

Facebook apparently wants to support its video creators more strongly and has therefore announced numerous innovations for various sources of income today.

So you can earn more money with Facebook videos in the future.

Facebook videos: New ad formats, more revenue

In general, Facebook has set out to monetize all video formats more strongly. In particular, Facebook has set its sights on short videos (Tik Tok sends its regards).

Firstly, all videos, including short formats, will be able to display ads from now on. Secondly, Facebook is opening up access for in-stream ads for on-demand and live videos and is offering innovations for paid online events. Third, Facebook wants to expand its Star program on videos.

Shorter Facebook videos will be allowed to run ads

Probably the biggest innovation is that in the future, even short videos of one minute or more will be allowed to run ads. According to Facebook, this can be a “minimally interruptive ad format” from second 30. Videos of three minutes or more are allowed to show the first ad from second 45.

Previously, only videos three minutes or longer were allowed to monetize their videos, and ads were only allowed to be seen from minute one.

However, Facebook now wants to offer better revenue opportunities to creators with shorter video formats. At the same time, new interactive advertising formats for Facebook videos will soon be available. Facebook has now already announced that a new advertising format will be stickers.

Who is allowed to participate in advertising programs?

However, not all creators are allowed to participate in the advertising programs. For in-stream ads for on-demand videos, the following requirements apply:

  1. Creators must have 600,000 total minutes (active and former live videos) from the last 60 days.
  2. At least five active video uploads.
  3. Only pages with at least 10,000 followers may participate (individual profiles are excluded).

In turn, the following applies to in-stream ads for live videos:

  1. Creators must meet the above requirements for on-demand videos.
  2. In addition, they must have 60,000 live minutes watched in the last 60 days.

Facebook plans to launch the new monetization options with a small test group first and then expand them soon. It is possible that Facebook will open up the programs to other target groups in the future. But in its current form, it’s not the micro-influencers who benefit, but mainly the big accounts.

Bringing fan subscriptions to more countries

In addition to Facebook videos, the social network wants to further expand the “Stars” fundraising program as well as fan subscriptions and paid online events.

With Stars, viewers can already make donations to Creator during live videos. In the future, some users will be able to see “Free Stars” in the video, which they can donate (for free). Facebook also wants to unlock stars for on-demand videos. Virtual gifts are also to be possible soon.

Apparently, the paid online events introduced for the pandemic were a big hit. For example, companies and influencers on Facebook launched online events such as cooking classes, live podcast broadcasts, concerts and even make-up courses.

For many people whose jobs were severely restricted by the pandemic, these online events provided an important source of income. This is to continue, which is why Facebook wants to bring fan subscriptions to more countries.

Facebook goes Twitch

And then Facebook launches a special appeal to the gaming community. The company wants to promote this community more strongly in the future.

Apparently, Facebook has been squinting a bit at Twitch and is testing out some new formats to possibly attract more gamers to Facebook Gaming.