If the rich yacht owners do not want to dispose of their own garbage during the boat holiday, the Italian start-up Waste Boat Service will help.

Here is a problem most of us probably did not even know existed: garbage collection for luxury yachts. Yes, when the rich and beautiful vacation on their rich and beautiful boats at the Côte d’Azur or around the Balearic Islands, they inevitably generate garbage.

In fact, this is not only a problem for luxury yachts, but generally for all boaters. After all, if you are at sea for several days or weeks, you will have garbage on board. Actually, according to certain regulations, this garbage should be stored on the boat and then disposed of at the next port. But many water-bound tourists, and apparently, especially owners of yachts, have no desire to wait so long, or simply don’t know how to store their trash for so long without turning their boat into a smelly trash dump.

The sea becomes the garbage dump

In addition, the regulations of the maritime authorities are very strict. For example, sewage can not simply be disposed of in the sea. Under certain circumstances, organic waste can be thrown into the water, but only when the waste is “chopped up” and fits through a screen with 25 millimeter openings. These regulations may be too complicated for many boat owners.

The consequence: a large part of the garbage from boats is thrown over the rail into the sea. Thus, large ecosystems like the Mediterranean become practically a waste disposal site.

So, it is now clear that garbage disposal for holiday boats is much more important than it may sound at first. And it is also clear that a crucial service has been lacking. This is precisely why the Italian start-up Waste Boat Service is now filling this gap in the market. WBS is specifically targeting luxury yachts. “True luxury respects the environment,” says the company’s website.

The offer is quite clever because it kills two birds with one stone. Firstly, the yachting holidaymakers are saved from an annoying task (who wants to take care of garbage while vacationing on a luxury yacht?). Secondly, the service keeps  the garbage from ending up in the sea.

Waste Boat Service, according to its own data, adheres strictly to the applicable regulations, including MARPOL 73/78, the International Convention for the prevention of marine pollution by ships.

On the one hand, WBS offers regular pick-up trips, similar to weekly garbage collection. Customers can, however, also request on-demand collection service, the “On-Call Collection Services.” The price is set based on the location, frequency of the service and the volume of waste.