YouTube recently announced that the platform intends to prefix all user names with an @ sign in the future. This is primarily intended to promote interaction on the platform. Meanwhile, YouTube is doing the same to platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Twitter with the so-called handles.

YouTube is taking another measure in the competition with other social media platforms. In an official blog post, the company announced the immediate introduction of so-called handles. This means that the company will prefix user names with an @ sign in the future.

YouTube handles apply to all areas of the platform

With the trades, users should be able to find other accounts more easily in order to exchange information with them. The function applies to the entire platform. In addition to the main channel page, this also includes shorts in particular.

The @ names also allow users to mention each other in comments, community posts, and video descriptions, just like on other platforms.

YouTube handle to establish creator brand

Creators can also tag each other in shared videos. This is intended to help them increase their visibility and reach, according to YouTube.

Because the handles are so unique, as opposed to the channel name, video producers can further establish their own presence and brand, the platform explains.

Not all users get @ names at the same time

The roll-out of the new function is scheduled for October. Gradually, users will receive or be able to choose their personal @-name. URLs that have already been personalized will automatically become the default handle.

However, account holders can still decide to change the handle for their channel. The process will be gradual, though, according to YouTube.

The point at which a creator gains access to the handle selection process depends on a number of factors, including overall presence on YouTube, number of subscribers and whether the channel is active or inactive.

With the new handles, YouTube wants to ensure that users can develop an identity that is as unique as their content. At the same time, the @ names should give viewers the certainty that they are interacting with their favorite creators.

YouTube handles as an adaptation to other platforms?

Although the feature is new for YouTube, it is already standard on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram. With the introduction of handles for YouTube shorts, the video platform is now moving closer to TikTok.

The new personalized names, however, are not intended to be the first step in overtaking competing platforms. Just in September, for example, the video service introduced a new model for sharing advertising revenue. The company wants to transfer 45 percent of the advertising revenue from YouTube Shorts to the creators.