Whether it’s the icy expanses on the ice planet Hoth or the tropical, humid jungle climate on the forest moon Endor: Star Wars has always transported us to strange and breathtaking worlds. All the more awesome is this interactive map that shows you all the Star Wars film locations.

For movie theaters, 2020 was not an easy year. Due to the global Corona pandemic, auditoriums in most cinemas around the world were empty for most of the year. And if a few viewers sat in the comfy chairs with popcorn, it was with a lot of caution and distance. This will not change in 2021 either.

The operators of the cinemas and the major film studios of this world suffer most from the closures. But we citizens will also have to do without going to the movies. This means we miss out on the opportunity to immerse ourselves in foreign worlds for a few hours and discover new places.

When the valley of death stands for growth

Because almost all productions and genres have one thing in common: they take us to remote parts of our world from time to time. The numerous Star Wars film locations around the globe are a good example of this.

For example, the famous desert planet Tatooine, where Luke Skywalker spent the first years of his life without the Force, were partly filmed in Death Valley in the U.S. state of Nevada. This place is one of the hottest and driest spots on our planet.

So it turns out that where in reality there are just a few dead wildflowers, Hollywood’s imagination has created a place of longing.

By the way, the forest moon Endor is also (most likely) not in a galaxy far away, but in the US state of California. In the film, the cuddly Ewoks scurry around between the impressive redwood sequoias.

This interactive map shows you all the Star Wars film locations

If you like to take a trip through the far reaches of the galaxy on a day off, you’ll love this interactive map from Esri. Esri is one of the leading geographic information systems companies and was founded back in 1969.

And if you haven’t had enough after this trip, you can discover dozens more interactive maps on a wide variety of topics on Esri’s website.

Among the best-known examples are the Corona maps from John Hopkins University and the Robert Koch Institute, which we use daily to keep up with the latest news about the coronavirus.