It seems surprising at first: The iPhone 12 is supposed to be delivered without the enclosed earpods and without a charging plug. Only the USB cable remains. With this Apple starts a small revolution – and there are four good reasons for this. One comment.

How many iPhone plugs and USB charging cables do you have lying around at home? Probably more than just one. That’s why smart users are already starting to sell the new plugs, earpods and charging cables in their original packaging on platforms like Momox or Rebuy.

Analyst predicts: iPhone 12 only comes with charging cable

Nevertheless there are of course always users who are new to the Apple universe. Especially these new users are happy if they receive the starter set when they buy the new device. In addition, it doesn’t hurt to have each component twice – for business trips or even your own partner.

For this very reason it seems amazing what Apple is now planning. The new iPhone 12, which will presumably be introduced in autumn 2020, will only be delivered with a USB charging cable, according to the well-informed Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo.

The plug included so far as well as the earpods are supposed to disappear. Those who are still interested in these gadgets will apparently have to buy them additionally from Apple.

4 reasons why Apple will do without charging plugs and Earpods in the future

But why is Apple streamlining the scope of delivery of its iPhones? After all, the price will probably remain at a similar level. There are numerous reasons for this. We want to present four of these arguments to you today.

1. the profit margin

The new iPhone 12 is expected to support 5G technology for the first time. We’ve already discussed how useful this is elsewhere. The fact is, however, that the components required for this will significantly increase production costs.

So if Apple wants to increase its profit margin, it is quite understandable that Earpods and charging plugs are no longer included in the scope of delivery. After all, the company from the Californian Cupertino can generate additional income.

2. the shipping costs

By eliminating the need for earpods and charging plugs, Apple can also reduce shipping and delivery costs. After all, this means that significantly fewer components have to be imported from China and other countries. This saves money and streamlines processes at the same time.

3. the environment

In recent months and years in particular, sustainability as a central aspect has moved into the focus of many companies. Of course, this also and especially applies to Apple as a leading technology group.

So if the iPhone 12 manages without additional gadgets, Apple significantly reduces the CO2 footprint of its own smartphones. There is also less packaging and electrical waste from unused plugs and discarded headphones.

So if Apple really does decide to take this step, this is likely to be the main focus of external communication.

4. preparing for the future

The last argument for the possibly upcoming changes around the iPhone 12 affect all future iPhone generations.

Specifically, the point is that sooner or later Apple will want to do without connectors on its devices. So if charging plugs and earpods are already missing, the first customers are already being made aware that the future of devices is wireless.

After all, with the Airpods* and support for wireless charging, the option to do without cables is already available today. And this is not just a forecast, it’s a set goal for Apple.