A new LinkedIn design is here: The professional network now comes with stories and other new features. These include a more personalized search. We look at how executives and recruiters can benefit from the LinkedIn update.

The last time LinkedIn received a comprehensive update was five years ago. And now it’s time again: CEO Ryan Roslansky has explained in detail in a blog post that the professional network will receive some major visual and functional enhancements.

The update is currently being rolled out. So in the next weeks – October and November 2020 – the new LinkedIn design should be visible for all users.

Simple LinkedIn design for a better user experience

According to Roslansky, the site will then be much more modern and simple. A brighter and less blue-heavy look will provide a better user experience.

LinkedIn thus opens the next chapter in its brand development, “which embodies our diverse, inclusive, warm and welcoming community.

LinkedIn has also personalized the search function so that we can find the results we want faster. Managers and recruiters, for example, should be able to search for suitable new employees more efficiently.

To this end, the network is now making keyword filters for people available in the mobile application. We can also filter companies by location, industry and company size. The search should thus also provide better hits for jobs, courses, groups and events.

Roslansky is also announcing a dark mode in the blog post for the future.

LinkedIn rolls out Stories function

In addition to the new LinkedIn design, there is another major functional innovation: the professional network introduces stories.

Users in Brazil, the Netherlands, Australia and France have already been able to use the feature. It will be rolled out first in Canada and the USA – and then it will be available to us worldwide.

LinkedIn gives us the opportunity to present ourselves creatively in a professional environment. As with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, an uploaded story is visible for 24 hours and then destroys itself.

Will job interviews soon take place via LinkedIn?

Video interviews via Microsoft Teams, blue jeans or zoom directly via the LinkedIn Message chat function will also soon be possible. This means: We will be able to get in contact with our professional network even more directly.

More broadly, executives and recruiters could also use the function to conduct job interviews via LinkedIn. Especially if an applicant lives in another city or is applying for a home office job, the possibility of a digital interview on LinkedIn could be very useful.

In addition, LinkedIn Message now gives us the ability to use new emojis and edit or delete private messages. LinkedIn has also added a new security feature to help us detect inappropriate and discriminatory messages more quickly.

Does the new LinkedIn design replace Facebook as a business platform?

With the innovations, LinkedIn is increasingly becoming an all-round platform for professional life. The career network could soon replace Facebook as a business platform.

Up to now, many people have also used Mark Zuckerberg’s network to maintain their professional contacts in a more informal setting. The new Stories function could now provide LinkedIn with the looseness it needs to do this.