In the meantime, Facebook itself seems to have realized that the Snapchat clone Facebook Stories is a flop. To increase usage, the social network is now testing the ability to post Instagram Stories on Facebook.

Facebook and its Snapchat copy: this story has both positive and negative sides. Instagram Stories are a very pleasing feature from Facebook’s point of view: more than 250 million people use the format every day.

Just as big in the negative sense is the non-use of Facebook stories. This seems to displease Facebook so much that Mark Zuckerberg’s social network now wants to display the popular Instagram stories on Facebook.

Sharing option for Instagram Stories on Facebook

Navarra works as Director of Social Media for the American industry magazine The Next Web and its conference.

In his tweet, Navarra shows two screenshots in Spanish. One shows the sharing interface of Instagram. This is supplemented by another tab. This allows users in the test group to share Instagram Stories on Facebook – directly and without detours.

The second screenshot shows the shared contribution within the Facebook stories. There you will find the obligatory notice about the posting time as well as the word “Instagram.” Facebook tries to make it clear that the shared content originates from the image network.

Greater reach for Facebook and Instagram

The planned move by Facebook represents a win-win situation for both the network and content producers.

On the one hand, Facebook succeeds in increasing the use of Facebook Stories in this way. On the other hand, Instagrammers are rewarded for their work by more viewers and an increased range.