The mega fight between Mayweather and McGregor on August 26 is considered the most lucrative boxing match ever. Both athletes expect revenues of $ 100 million thanks to various sources of income.

Since the 14th of June it has been official: the long awaited Mayweather vs. McGregor fight. The former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and the MMA fighter Conor McGregor, the two top stars of the sport fighting world meet in the ring.

Mega Fight in Las Vegas

The Mayweather vs. McGregor bout will take place in Las Vegas in front of 20,000 spectators. It is not about a title, but for millions in revenue. The fight takes place in the super-weight class (up to 69.85 kg). For the Irish UFC star Conor McGregor, it will be his first boxing match at the competitive level.

His advantage: the MMA fighter is in top condition and at the peak of his training. For Floyd Mayweather, it will be the first fight since the end of his boxing career in 2015. Mayweather’s advantage: unlike McGregor, the American is a boxer. He was also World Champion and is therefore considered the favorite for the match. McGregor will not be allowed to use his MMA skills.

Mayweather vs. McGregor: horrendous pay-per-view prices

US fans have to dig deep in their pockets to see the Mayweather/McGregor mega-fight. According to USA Today, a pay-per-view ticket on the US station “Showtime” costs $ 89.95. If you want to enjoy the fight in HD quality, you have to pay $ 99.95.

This brings to mind the ticket price in the previous “Fightof the Century” between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in May 2015. 4.4 million pay-per-view viewers set a new record. Now, the question is whether the Mayweather/ McGregor fight can break that record.

New target groups for Showtime Sports

The broadcaster’s enthusiasm is definitely great, in any case. Compared to Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, this fight targets another audience. That is why Stephan Espinoza, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Showtime Sports, thinks it’s possible that the record could be broken.

Espinoza: “We’re tapping into fans [who aren’t a fan of either sport]. It’s an untapped part of the market.” He adds: “This is such a spectacle that people who haven’t really been interested in MMA or boxing are interested in this event due to the nature of the competition and the nature of the two personalities,” Espinoza said. “That’s an untapped part of the market that Mayweather-Pacquiao never touched.”

DAZN is showing the fight in Germany

Good news for German fans: the streaming service DAZN will broadcast the mega-fight via livestream at 3 o’clock on the 27th of August. DAZN confirmed this on Wednesday with a posting on its Facebook page. The portal has secured the transfer rights for Germany and Austria.

The showdown between “Money” and “The Notorious” is included in monthly subscriptions. This means that pay-per-view costs will not be incurred for existing DAZN customers.

And even better! DAZN offers a free trial period for new customers. After that, the subscription costs only 9.99 euros per month and can be terminated at any time. In theory, this means fans can watch the fight without paying a cent.

Talk trash with the “MacTalk” app

Shortly before the fight, McGregor has released a new app. The “MacTalk” app is available for Android and iOS at the price of 99 cents. The app features a soundboard with 27 of McGregor’s most famous quotes. Conor McGregor once again recorded the proverbs in the studio. With it: “You’ll do nuttin” or “Dana, 60 Gs, baby.” The latter was directed at UFC President Dana White during McGregor’s UFC debut in 2013.

Last year, McGregor also published the app “MacMoji.” This offers his fans dozens of emojis based on the star.