Facebook Live Shopping has had its day. This is because parent company Meta wants to focus more on the Reels format on Facebook and Instagram.

Less than a month ago, TikTok announced that it was scaling back its live shopping efforts in Europe and the US. Now Meta is following suit, announcing the end of Facebook Live Shopping.

The end for Facebook Live Shopping

Until October 1, Facebook users can still participate in live shopping events in QVC style. After that, the function will be over. From then on, it will no longer be necessary to organize new or planned live shopping events.

However, this will not affect Facebook Live. The function can still be used after October 1. What will be eliminated, however, is the ability to link products or create product lists.

Why is Facebook ending the format?

The reasoning from Meta for the end of Live Shopping should hardly come as a surprise. As is often the case, the company cites its short video format Reels as the scapegoat.

The viewing behavior of users has shifted to short videos, they say. That’s why Meta wants to focus on reels on Instagram and Facebook.

Meta enriches this not really new information with the hint that users can also tag their products in reels on Instagram. Reels ads can also be experimented with on Facebook and Instagram.

Not a good source of revenue for Facebook

Facebook wanted to offer brands and businesses the opportunity to sell their products at live events as well with its live shopping format. The platform had only launched the test for “Live Shopping for Creators” in November.

Last summer, Facebook tried to get brands interested in the format with its “Live Shopping Fridays. Among the participating companies, there are indeed some well-known brands such as Bobbi Brown, Clinique and Sephora.

But obviously that wasn’t enough to really get the format going. That’s probably a shame for Meta, because the sales fees could have made the format a good source of revenue for the group.