After Microsoft released its new operating system, numerous users complained. The software update could not be installed on older devices. Now Microsoft has reacted and revealed a trick how you can bypass the requirements of Windows 11.

The new Windows 11 operating system has been available since October 5, 2021. Little by little, users can download and install the software update from Microsoft.

However, the company has de facto excluded millions of users who use older devices, which sometimes still work very well, from the installation. Due to the high requirements of Windows 11, the operating system has been denied to them so far. Microsoft has already received a lot of criticism for this.

The download of Windows 11 is officially free of charge. However, users with older devices would have to buy a new laptop to be able to use the operating system. That, in turn, would entail considerable costs.

Microsoft reveals trick and gives warning

Microsoft has long emphasized that Windows 11 will not be available on all devices. Nevertheless, the company has now reacted to the criticism and, in a way, relented.

An official blog post reveals a trick that allows users whose devices do not actually meet the requirements of Windows 11 to bypass the lock. Afterwards, they can install and use the update on supposedly incompatible devices.

Microsoft warns, however, that the method could lead to previously unknown problems. Users who bypass the requirements would also have to expect an update stop sooner or later.

Windows 11 trick: How to bypass the requirements on older devices

For those who still want to defy the warnings, Ways to install Windows 11 has a detailed guide ready. With the help of a special registration key, users can bypass the minimum requirements for processor and TPM chip on the software level.

Users can create a corresponding directory for the registry key in the Windows Registry Editor. According to Microsoft, Windows 11 can then be installed on a computer prepared in this way. Since Windows only checks the requirements during installation, the process does not have to be repeated.

However, at least one computer with a TPM 1.2 chip is required to bypass the lock. For some users, however, there is ultimately also the possibility to upgrade the hardware of their computer in order to get Windows 11 running.