The streaming competition never sleeps – this also applies to Netflix, by far the largest service. So instead of just satisfying its customers with new content, the company is now testing a new feature – allowing us to listen to Netflix instead of watching.

Every month, Netflix presents the latest movies and series – just like in November 2020, when, for example, the fourth season of the popular in-house production “The Crown” awaits us.

But with exclusive titles and licensed blockbuster films, competitors such as Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus can also score points. In order to maintain its position at the top in the long term, Netflix must therefore constantly reorient itself to the needs of its customers.

For the streaming giant, this obviously includes the launch of new functions. As recently as August 2020, for example, Netflix had introduced a manual playback speed. Now the company seems to be thinking about experimenting again.

Listen to Netflix: The streaming giant tests a new function

The developer community XDA Developers writes that the service is testing a feature that allows us to hear Netflix instead of watching it. The company is therefore working on something like audio book streaming for series and movies.

However, this could really only be a test. According to XDA Developers, there is only one source code in the Android app that reveals that Netflix wants to offer its content in audio format.

The source code should contain commands like “Audio Mode”. For this purpose, appropriate explanatory texts are deposited. This at least proves that Netflix is dealing with a corresponding function.

Why the “Audio Mode” could be advantageous for many users

A kind of audio book streaming could please many users. After all, even if this is detrimental to our mindfulness, many people often use Netflix as a background sound system or play with their smartphones while watching easy-to-understand series and movies.

So Netflix would accommodate user behavior with this new feature. Whether this is beneficial to our consciousness and health is another matter.

Audio Mode” would also benefit from formats such as comedy specials – in other words, formats that are designed for listening to Netflix. And if things go well, the streaming service might even start to produce new exclusive audio content.