Streaming provider Netflix introduces a double thumbs up. Subscribers can use the new rating icon to highlight movies and series. The double thumbs are meant to express that users “especially love” a title.

Netflix users previously had the option of rating movies and series with a thumbs up or thumbs down. They could optionally tell the streaming provider whether they liked a particular title or not. Based on these ratings, Netflix made further suggestions to its users and tailored profiles to them based on their preferences.

Double thumb: Netflix introduces new rating icon

However, according to an official statement, the streaming provider has learned that these ratings can go beyond a simple approval or disapproval. With a double thumbs up, Netflix is therefore now introducing an additional rating symbol.

The new feature should be available immediately. Netflix users will find the double thumb next to the previous rating buttons – both on TVs, on the web, and on Android and iOS smartphones. According to Netflix, the new feature should help refine previous recommendations.

Netflix rating system: thumbs, likes and recommendations

A thumbs up would still tell the streaming provider that users liked a title. The reaction would still be decisive for further recommendations – just as with a thumbs down. A double thumbs-up, however, is supposed to symbolize which movies and series are particularly liked.

Netflix can formulate recommendations even more precisely on the basis of this and explains that: Subscribers who particularly like the series Bridgerton, for example, would also be shown other titles with the main actors or from the production company in addition to genre recommendations.