Facebook and Apple are engaged in a bitter dispute over data protection. Apple wants to make it more difficult to collect data on its devices, Facebook is now reacting with screen-filling notices.

Apple and Facebook are probably what one might commonly call pretty much best enemies. The two Silicon Valley companies have already had one or two disputes in public.

Currently, the two tech giants are particularly at odds when it comes to data protection.

Apple wants to expand data protection

Apple wants to revamp data protection on its iPhones with its “App Tracking Transparency” framework. Tracking, which has been standard up to now, is to become an opt-in option. Users will then have exactly two choices: “Ask App not to Track” or “Allow.

Facebook wants to continue collecting data

This change at Facebook in Menlo Park, California, is currently causing some people to break out in a sweat. The makers of the social media app see their sacred business model with personalized advertising on the brink of collapse.

Facebook, it should be clear, is naturally afraid of iPhone users refusing their consent in droves.

That’s why large-scale privacy notices are soon to adorn the Facebook app on Apple devices. In it, Facebook asks to continue to allow data collection for personalized advertising.

Facebook brandishes itself as an SME savior

Of course, Facebook doesn’t mention its own bellyaches with regard to advertising revenues so loudly.

Rather, the new Apple regulation would harm small and medium-sized companies, which are particularly dependent on personalized advertising on Facebook due to the Corona crisis.

Newsfeed to become secure advertising environment

At the same time, Facebook is working to make the News Feed a safe environment for ads, the company announced in a blog post. In a test, for example, toy manufacturers can exclude the category “crimes and tragedies” for their advertising.

Facebook is responding to the #StopHateForProfit boycott calls from the summer. In the meantime, more than 1,000 brands had withdrawn their advertising spend from the network because too much hate and agitation was circulating on the platform.