You want to repair your iPhone 12 – all by yourself and without help? Then you definitely need a basic technical understanding and the right tools. But what does it look like then? How complicated is the battery or display replacement? A test shows.

The new iPhone 12 has been on the market since October 2020. In a nutshell, it can be said that the new smartphone is lighter, smaller, faster, greener and tougher than its predecessor – with the same or even better performance.

For example, the new Ceramic Shield on the Super Retina XDR OLED display ensures that iPhone 12 is four times more break-resistant than iPhone 11. Of course, this does not make it indestructible, but it does make it a lot safer if the smartphone should ever fall out of your pocket.

Repair iPhone 12: Apple stays true to itself

But what about the repair? How easy or hard is it if you want to repair your iPhone 12 yourself? That’s why the experts at iDoc have subjected the new Apple device to extensive testing.

The conclusion can be summarized as follows: Apple remains true to its line. The smartphone manufacturer does not necessarily make it easier for users and workshops in the latest generation to replace certain individual parts. Nevertheless, the important components are perfectly interchangeable.

iPhone 12 repair: What stands out positively

First of all: Just because you have the right screwdrivers doesn’t mean you should disassemble your iPhone yourself. If you are unsure or lack the technical understanding, you should always have your device repaired professionally.

However, if you want to do it yourself, there are some positive developments. Like the previous models, the display can be opened very easily with enough heat and the right tools.

But you have to be careful, because the connecting flex cable on the left side is shorter than on the predecessors, according to the experts at iDoc. If you are careless or jerky with this, you will break more than you will repair.

Repair iPhone 12: The display and the battery

Since you open the device via the display anyway, it can of course also be replaced relatively easily. However, it is important that you take the earcup from your original display, otherwise the Face ID will not work after the exchange.

And the battery of your iPhone 12 can also be replaced relatively easily. It is attached with adhesive strips and can therefore be replaced relatively easily.

In general, however, according to iDoc, the numerous cover plates mean that iPhone 12 repairs take more time than those of other smartphone manufacturers, since many components require several steps to be replaced.

iPhone 12 Repair: What’s negative

It has already been mentioned that iPhone 12 repair is more demanding. Plus, with four different types of screws, you’ll need a wider range of tools.

And the general number of screws also means that you need a good, ideally magnetic, shelf to avoid getting confused when reassembling after repair.

By the way, your iPhone 12 itself can help you with a small operation. On the back of the device there is an integrated magnetic ring. This makes wireless charging easier and also ensures that small screws remain magnetically attached to the back of your smartphone.

However, Apple is less helpful when it comes to markings, notches and other help. According to iDoc these are not available. This makes especially the reassembly of individual parts sometimes very difficult.


Overall, the iPhone 12 is neither repair-friendly nor unfriendly. The prerequisite for any intervention is definitely the right tool as well as the technical know-how. If you are even a little unsure, you should rather fall back on a professional repair.

Otherwise, you might need a new iPhone 12 soon – and that’s definitely more expensive.