Instagram has launched a new feature for videos. With it, you can now pre-schedule live videos on Instagram. We explain how it works!

Something is happening with videos on Instagram. After the platform has only recently combined all video content under Instagram Video, now come the next two innovations.

From now on, you can pre-schedule live videos on Instagram and there will soon be a “practice mode” for live broadcasts.

Pre-schedule live videos on Instagram: Here’s how!

As Instagram has now announced on Twitter, live videos can be scheduled up to 90 days in advance. It will also be possible for followers to receive reminders for the live feed.

To pre-schedule a live video on Instagram, creators need to schedule a “Live Creation”. To do this, you start a live video via the Instagram camera as usual. However, you will now see the “Schedule” option at the bottom left of the screen. This allows you to set the start time up to 90 days in advance.

Once you’ve scheduled your video, you can now share the information with your followers as a post or even through your Stories. You can now find a new interactive sticker for “Scheduled Lives” here. When you announce your video, you can also tag other users in it and set a location.

You can also automatically share the post on other platforms. Currently, Instagram provides Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr for this purpose.

Interested parties can then sign up under the corresponding posts on Instagram to receive a reminder notification. Instagram hopes that this will help videos to be discovered and distributed more widely.

Practice Mode: Talk to guests in advance

In addition to the option to pre-schedule live videos on Instagram, there will reportedly soon be a “Practice Mode.” This is reported by Techcrunch magazine.

In this practice mode, the live hosts can talk to the guests in advance and check the sound and picture quality. This would give correspondingly more planning security and ensure a higher quality of the videos.

Instagram approaches YouTube and Tik Tok

The new Live Videos features are not surprising in that Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri only announced in a video at the end of June that Instagram is “no longer just a sharing app for square photos.” Accordingly, the company wants to focus more on video content.

With the new Live features, Instagram is also getting closer to the options that creators know from competitors like YouTube and Tik Tok. At the same time, the new plan function will presumably also ensure higher viewer numbers and more engagement on the platform.