2020 is also an exceptional year for advertisers. While digital out-of-home advertising, for example, has lost massively in importance, search engine optimization is more important than ever. These four reasons underline the importance of SEO.

What is the Coronavirus? Do 5G radio towers cause the coronavirus to spread? Is what Donald Trump said true: should we really inject ourselves with disinfectant to protect ourselves from the coronavirus?

4 reasons why search and search engine optimization are so important in 2020

The global corona pandemic alone has created millions of new questions this year, which people around the globe have eagerly typed into search engines.

Therefore, especially this year it is essential to concentrate on search in general and search engine optimization in particular.

1. the corona pandemic leads to new questions

Because every second there are about 1,000 new, never used search queries. That explains John Watton. He works as Vice President Marketing at search engine specialist Yext.

What’s more, 90 percent of all users and customers sooner or later use search in the purchase and information process. For brands and advertisers, it is therefore important to rank well with new keywords and combinations with Corona and to provide up-to-date content.

2. answers are directly proportional to trust

Of course it is important not only to be found. It is at least as important to answer the questions of the searchers.

If the desired result cannot be found, 42 percent of users blame the brand. Only one in five people blame the search engine.

At the same time, 70 percent of European users emphasize the other way round, that correct information leads to increased trust in the brand. This also makes it clear: In search engine optimization it is crucial to find (compact) answers to the questions asked.

3. searching customers are very valuable

It is often the small connections that we ignore. For example, it is by no means a matter of course that users visit the search function of a website.

On the contrary: the 15 percent of customers who search for information or products on your website are responsible for 45 percent of the e-commerce sales generated. This is what Yext and the market researchers from Econsultancy found out in a study.

That’s why it’s essential to create the best possible search experience on your website.

4. search engines are also used in times of crisis

Every publisher and every advertiser knows: It is not good to be dependent on individual channels. If people are not allowed to leave their homes due to exit restrictions, they cannot possibly see your poster advertising.

Especially in this context search and search engine optimization are interesting. The reason: Independent of the economic and social situation, people use search engines. So they are de facto crisis resistant.


Especially in turbulent times, the search is a stabilizer. This applies to publishers and their traffic. It also applies to advertisers and their ads. And last but not least, it also applies to users and their unresolved questions.

All this speaks for the fact that especially in times of crisis search engine optimization is more important than ever.