From February 2023, YouTube wants producers of short videos – called shorts – to share in corresponding advertising revenues. However, they will have to agree to the new contract terms beforehand – regardless of whether they want to earn money with the short videos or not.

Video creators will be able to earn money with their YouTube shorts in the future. Because from February 1, 2023, the streaming platform wants them to participate in the advertising revenue of the short videos.

The innovation is again part of a comprehensive update of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). However, users who want to use it must also sign the new contract terms.

YouTube shorts: What changes for creators?

In principle, YouTube is opening up another way for video producers to earn money with their creations. To make this possible, the streaming platform has fundamentally restructured the YPP.

New features include so-called modules. The individual sections refer to the different ways in which producers can earn money. They are intended to offer them more flexibility in monetizing content.

However, “all creators who want to monetize their content on the platform must first sign the framework, which includes the basic terms of the agreement,” YouTube’s official blog post says.

New terms of service mandatory for all

Creators, however, can only continue to participate in the partner program if they accept the terms and conditions. If they do not, their channel will be removed from the YPP and the monetization agreement will be terminated.

By July 10, 2023, those who are already part of the partner program must agree to the new user agreements. If they miss this deadline but want to continue participating in the YPP, they will have to re-qualify.

Creators of YouTube shorts receive 45 percent

YouTube had already announced such a model in September 2022. The innovation is mainly an attempt by the company to outdo its competitor TikTok. With the additional opportunity to earn money, creators should also receive a new incentive to upload more content.

The new agreement regarding YouTube Shorts grants creators a share of the revenue from ads in the Shorts feed. They will receive 45 percent of the revenue allocated to them.