Stream Netflix for free: This wish probably exists with many users. Legally, this is not possible to the full extent. Nevertheless, on YouTube you can get at least a small selection of productions for free. We explain the background.

A Netflix subscription is in high demand these days – and that’s understandable. After all, many people spend a lot of time in their own homes and on their own sofas due to curfews or curfew.

Netflix posts record quarter thanks to Corona

Anyone who now believes that this assessment is purely subjective in nature should take a look at Netflix’s annual report for the first quarter of 2020.

It shows that the streaming service from Los Gatos, California, has attracted 15.8 million new subscribers around the globe in the period from 1 January 2020 to 31 March 2020 alone. This brings Netflix to over 182 million paying (!) customers.

The total number of subscribers should soon break the 200 million barrier.

And the streaming service’s profits and revenue have also increased significantly compared to the same quarter last year. Revenue grew by 27.6 percent to $5.77 billion and profits doubled to $709 million.

Stream Netflix for free: The company is making an exception on YouTube

Nevertheless there are of course many people who would like to use the service completely free of charge. This can be done either by getting access to an existing Netflix account. Maybe your parents or best friend has a Netflix subscription.

Or you can stream Netflix to YouTube for free. Of course, you won’t find the full selection of movies and series there. In fact, the selection is limited to only 34 documentaries. But if you’re looking for new content, you’ll be happy.

If you’re wondering why Netflix is making its exclusive productions available to all users on YouTube for free, you’re not alone. The answer is – as so often these days – the Coronavirus.

Because actually the documentaries are only available for free to schools and universities so far. However, due to space restrictions, the streaming service also makes its videos universally accessible.