Twitter announced two big innovations today. One of them is called “Super Follows” and lets influencers earn money with their content.

Twitter users are about to get two big innovations. That’s what The Verge magazine reports, citing a presentation the group gave to analysts and investors on Thursday.

One of these updates Twitter has christened “Communities.” This enables the formation of interest groups. The second update is called “Super Follows” and is intended to help creative people earn money with their content on Twitter.

Super Follows: What’s behind it

Super Follows is designed to offer influencers a new income opportunity on Twitter. Creatives can charge their followers money for special content. In turn, they pay a certain amount to get access to this exclusive content.

This can be bonus tweets, access to a newsletter or even access to a specific, closed group. Twitter has already shown in a mockup what such a revenue model could look like.

With Super Follows, Twitter creates a new revenue model for content creators. (Photo: Screenshot / The Verge / Twitter)

In this example, a follower pays an influencer $4.99 per month. This gives him privileged access to certain additional services.

Twitter obviously wants to enable creatives and media companies to earn money on the platform. Presumably, some of this revenue will stay with Twitter. But Twitter has not yet revealed exact details about the payment model.

With Super Follows, Twitter is following trends on other social media, such as Twitch, Instagram or even Patreon, all of which also offer different revenue streams for their users.

Just recently, Twitter announced that content creators can earn money on the platform via curated newsletters.

Twitter goes all Facebook groups with “communities”

The second update is very reminiscent of Facebook. It’s called “Communities” and is designed to allow users to form groups. As with Facebook groups, the communities are also supposed to be organized by interests, so that Twitter users see more tweets on certain topics that interest them.

According to information from Seeking Alpha magazine, there will also soon be advertising options in the carousel format for companies.

However, it is not yet clear when exactly these innovations will come.