A Tesla steering wheel reports openly and exclusively on his everyday life.

The new “Tesla Model 3” is here! Motorists are thrilled, journalists are in love and the tech industry is delighted. But there are also some issues about the new model which have not yet been addressed. We finally break the silence! Exclusively for BASIC thinking International, a Tesla steering wheel reports candidly and honestly on its difficult everyday life.

Sometimes I do not want to get up

“On some days I do not want to get up. My life has become so terrible. I know this sounds incredible coming from someone living in one of the coolest cars in the world. But everyday life is by no means as beautiful and idyllic as it is presented on the social networks.

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Here my life looks very harmonious. But reality, my reality, is quite different. Nobody heeds me anymore: now, I’m playing second fiddle to a screen! Instead of steering and deciding the fate of the car, almost all my responsibilities have been taken from me. My skill, my experience, my knowledge – it’s being neglected. And why? Just because of this awful screen !!!

The new idol

It’s all about the screen now. Where we go, in which direction, yes, even what happens to me is controlled by this screen. Without the screen, I control nothing. I am totally at its mercy and have to watch helplessly, as the drivers no longer respect me at all. Even if a driver still needs and uses me, it happens almost without any emotion. Because all of them go to the screen! Any setting, really any decision, starts with the screen.

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How I hate this screen!

And how much the Tesla users adore this screen! He is so new, so exciting, so exciting. They are always singing new praises. They worship him as a god – worship him! Oh, how I hate him! The worst is when parking.

The screen also takes MY control. And I can not help it. I’m just lonely, forgotten and staring, all alone. I must be content to be a marshaling instrument. A second-class hardware. What did I do to deserve this ?! And it gets worse from model to model.

To this, I must say that there are of course also beautiful moments in my life. Usually, when an owner gets in his new Tesla Model 3 and puts his hands around me with enthusiasm. Sometimes I get a real embrace. Some have even burst into tears over me, full of emotions about the new car.

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Inside interior of #Model3 #prototype

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But then the drivers discover the screen and everything is quickly over.

An affair replaces love

Previously, yes, it was different. I still remember how the drivers and I were so closely connected that nothing could separate us. They clung their fingers around me, sometimes quite relaxed, sometimes in joy or fear, and sometimes even panic. But we were always a dream team! Real, equal partners. I would never have let my drivers down, they would never have let me go. When they were sitting in the car, nothing could come between us. It was love after the first touch and a connection that could never be broken. That’s what I thought at least. How naive I was!

Only a few cars later, the drivers completely forgot me. For this cheap affair with the screen. Each time they clasp me with their hands, some hope flares up again. That they’ll remember how close we were. That the old love will be re-ignited. But in vain. It only takes a few moments for the driver to concentrate fully on the screen. These short glances of hope make it almost worse than if they did not pay any attention to me. Oh, despair! So I cry myself to sleep almost every night.

A slow death

They say hope dies last. Well, mine is almost gone. The era of autonomous vehicles is approaching. Soon, I will not be needed at all. The drivers will then no longer occupy the driver’s seat, but will only be busy with their big and small screens during the entire journey. I will only be a senseless accessory.

From time to time, a driver will once again put his hands on me in nostalgia, but these will only be short, painful moments. Painful because they are rare and short-lived and will only remind me of the long-past, good old times. This is no longer a life – it is more like a slow death! “