Bytedance defends itself with hands and feet against the imposed Tik-Tok ban of US President Donald Trump. The Chinese company wants to take legal action and continue with the app – whether Trump wants to or not.

The US news site Bloomberg reports that Tik Tok wants to take legal action against the recent decree of Donald Trump. The US president had ordered that the operating company Bytedance has to sell the business in the United States. Otherwise a Tik-Tok ban is threatened.

Bytedance obviously does not want to accept this decree. Vanessa Pappas, senior executive and general manager of Tik Tok’s operations in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, says: “We think we have several opportunities to continue to provide millions of Americans with this amazing app experience. They rely on it every day.”

Moreover, according to Tik Tok, the US government has not adhered to facts and has even tried to interfere in the negotiations of private companies.

Tik-Tok ban: Bytedance simply continues

Tik Tok’s strategy is therefore that the app just wants to keep going – whether Trump likes it or not. Bytedance and the US government have not yet found a joint solution.

In addition, the imminent Tik-Tok ban in the US is getting closer and closer: If the Chinese company hasn’t sold the app by mid-September, it will be out. A one-time extension of the deadline by 30 days is also in the offing. But sooner or later, day X will be reached.

Does Tik Tok want to gain time?

But Tik Tok is not making any great efforts to accept the ban. According to the company, it wants to continue paying its employees after the deadline.

Either way, the question arises as to how much Tik Tok can actually do with a lawsuit. In the best case, the app could gain more time with a temporary injunction, for example. It would be possible, for example, for Tik Tok to have the set deadline temporarily overruled.

But it is rather unlikely that the app will get around a sale. According to media reports, the two software companies Microsoft and Oracle are already in negotiations with Bytedance.