Tik Tok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. So it’s not surprising that the short video app wants to appeal to its particularly affluent target group with Tik Tok Shopping.

Tik Tok has one billion users

It’s hard to imagine the social media world without Tik Tok. Just a few days ago, the subsidiary of the Chinese company Bytedance announced a new milestone. The platform has one billion monthly active users.

In August 2021, the number of iPhone users in Germany alone was around 2.52 million. Like its competitor Instagram, Tik Tok now wants to take advantage of this mass of users and drive e-commerce on its own platform.

What’s planned for Tik Tok Shopping

Tik Tok presented the new plans in detail at its online summit Tik Tok World.

Shopping tab for merchants and creators

Until now, Tik Tok Shopping was still in its infancy. Earlier this year, for example, the platform launched a pilot project in collaboration with Shopify. This was available in the US, UK and Canada.

It allowed Shopify merchants to add a shopping tab to their profile on Tik Tok. The range of these partners:in will now be expanded.

Tik Tok Shopping API and full-service solution

But Tik Tok doesn’t just want to enable sales via third-party platforms. The Bytedance subsidiary also wants to integrate a full-service shopping solution in the future.

Here, the platform would then manage the entire purchasing process. The system has already been tested in Indonesia and is now also available in the UK, as Techcrunch reports.

For this year, Tik Tok has also planned to introduce its own Tik Tok Shopping API. This will allow brands to integrate their products directly into Tik Tok and promote them via their organic content.

What does Tik Tok Shopping offer in Germany?

In Germany, Tik Tok offers companies a number of opportunities. More than a year ago, the app already started testing shopping livestream events. Via Collection Ads, companies can link their products in their videos. In this way, users land in the provider’s store with just one click.

Customized Instant Pages are also currently being tested. Here, brands can create pages and link products or videos, for example. According to Tik Tok, these pages load eleven times faster than normal mobile websites.

Tik Tok sees e-commerce development potential

“The future of commerce on Tik Tok is a shopping experience that allows brands of all sizes to tap into the enthusiasm of our users,” said Shopping CEO Javier Irigoyen.

Tik Tok, he said, is the place where brands and user:ins can “connect directly.” This, he said, can create an organic and end-to-end shopping experience.