At first it was Microsoft and Twitter who expressed public interest in buying Tik Tok. Now another US software company has come forward: Oracle is also entering the Tik-Tok poker game. The company is said to have already made contact with investors.

Microsoft and Twitter had only recently made it public that they are interested in the US business of Tik Tok.

The software company of founder Bill Gates seemed to be ahead of the game at first due to the financial situation. However, it now looks more like Microsoft will pull out of the planned deal.

Instead, the Tik-Tok Poker is now going into the next round with another player: The US software company Oracle apparently wants to buy the company for the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This is reported by the British business paper Financial Times.

Tik-Tok-Poker: Oracle gets in on the action

The Financial Times refers in its article to a trustworthy source. According to this source, the talks of the Chinese parent company Bytedance about a sale of Tik Tok with both Microsoft and Oracle are already very advanced.

However, since we now know that Microsoft may not want to make a deal after all, a takeover by Oracle seems the most likely option at the moment.

Oracle is probably already working with several US-American investors who already have shares in the Tik-Tok company Bytedance.

Among them are said to be the globally operating financial investor General Atlantic and the venture capital investment company Sequoia Capital.

Oracle has good cards – but where does the interest come from?

And it looks like Oracle has good cards in Tik-Tok Poker. After all, the software group is financially well positioned and currently worth around 166 billion US dollars.

Even the company’s cash box is well filled with around 43 billion US dollars. This makes Oracle one of the 30 most expensive companies in the world.

But there is still the question of interest in Tik Tok. Oracle has so far been mainly active in the B2B sector. Why is the company suddenly thinking about a short video app for young people?

In the United States, people are speculating whether Oracle might also be interested in politics. Its boss Larry Ellison has already come out as a supporter of US President Donald Trump on several occasions.

So it could be that Ellison would like to support Trump with a purchase – to what extent this could look like.