It is not uncommon for us to pay high triple-digit or even low four-digit amounts for our smartphone. This makes it even more important to protect our smartphone. With these three tips, you can increase the life of your smartphone and do something good for the environment.

When we buy a new smartphone, we protect it extremely well in the beginning. We make sure that we only put the device down gently and do not throw it in our pockets without thinking. But as time goes by, we become more careless – and our smartphone starts to get the first quirks and scratches.

This is how much CO2 recycled smartphones save

And when the contract expires after two years and we get a new smartphone anyway, many users simply swap their devices. It is important – not only for us, but also for our environment – that we increase the life of smartphones over the long term.

For example, the experts at the online marketplace for used equipment Back Market found out that a new smartphone consumes a total of 56 kilograms of CO2 and 44 kilograms of raw materials during production.

By way of comparison, a remanufactured smartphone generates eleven kilograms of CO2 and a maximum of ten kilograms of raw materials. Projected over the year, the back market alone – or rather the customers – were able to avoid CO2 emissions of 47,088 tons. Likewise, 352,686 tons of raw materials did not have to be extracted.

3 tips to extend the life of your smartphone

Of course you don’t necessarily have to buy a remanufactured smartphone. To get started, it is helpful to pay attention to your smartphone and significantly increase its lifetime with a few small tricks.

1. use a cover and a protective film

It sounds almost too banal to mention this tip. But if we look around how many people are still using their smartphones unprotected, it regains importance.

After all, a cover for your smartphone not only protects against scratches on the back, but also absorbs shocks. So if your smartphone does fall down, the danger to the built-in technology is reduced. A complete failure becomes less likely.

2. protect your smartphone from the weather

The built-in battery is essential for the life of the smartphone. However, since it is temperature-sensitive, you should protect it. Both extreme heat (possible system crash) and extreme cold (battery and power supply) are not conducive.

Therefore, you should leave your smartphone at home in winter if possible or carry it as close to your body as possible so that it does not cool down unnecessarily. In summer, you should make sure not to leave your device in the sun for too long.

3. take care of your battery

And you can still do something to increase the life of your battery. When charging your device, make sure that the battery level is always between 20 and 80 percent.

In other words, if possible, avoid hanging your smartphone on the charger all night. This is convenient, but in the long run, it will cause your smartphone’s battery to wear out more quickly.

If you can, you can charge your device for a few minutes after getting up while you get ready and eat your breakfast. Alternatively, you might consider charging your smartphone in several short cycles at work.