For $ 99 a month, Twitter automatically turns your tweets into advertisements.

For $ 99 a month, Twitter automatically turns your tweets into advertisements. This is interesting for companies that want to save time when creating ads and planning campaigns. Whether advertisers start using the advertising subscription depends on how well it works.

In the last few months, there hasn’t been much news from Twitter. Neither new features for users nor new features for advertisers have been presented.

When the quarterly figures were announced, Jack Dorsey had to acknowledge that his network was unable to gain any new users from April to June 2017.

Advertising subscription for easy advertising

At the moment, the management at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco is trying to keep a low profile. Attention is apparently not wanted.

It is also not surprising that Twitter has not announced its new advertising feature, but only explains it in the business area. There, they explain that there is now an advertising subscription.

For the amount of $99 a month, Twitter automatically converts your posts (no quotes, responses, or retweets) into promoted tweets. However, this applies only to the first ten posts of each day. All other tweets are distributed normally.

Currently, the program is in the beta stage. Participation is only possible by registration. For the first month, the offered features are free. Subsequently, $99 are due for each additional month. Leaving the program is possible at any time, according to Twitter.

What is Twitter hoping to accomplish with the advertising subscription?

Through such an advertising subscription, Twitter can increase its fixed monthly revenues without much effort. In addition, the cost of customer service and ad management is reduced because the algorithm takes over the campaigns on its own. This makes contact between the advertiser and Twitter unnecessary.

The advertiser himself specifies his account at registration and decides on one of two targeting options:

  • Targeting by Interest: The advertised tweets are played out to users by means of matching interest patterns. The advertiser can select one of a total of 25 categories.
  • Targeting by location: The Twitter algorithm plays Promoted Tweets only to users in a specific region or with a specific origin.

To test the promotional subscription, the company must choose one of the two options. A combination of geo- and interest-targeting is therefore not possible, which clearly limits the ads already.

By participating in the program, the already existing Twitter advertising account is locked. If you want to continue campaigns, you need to create a new account. Twitter provides old information on demand.

At first glance, the advertising subscription for companies does not seem particularly attractive. The campaign design is severely restricted, the number of advertised tweets is limited and overall, results may not be great.

It is doubtful whether they will be a success.