Twitter announced paid subscriptions at the end of February, and now Super Follows have been launched. In the U.S., the first users can now earn money with their tweets.

The monetization of content is probably on the minds of all creators on the web. In the past, Twitter has also repeatedly experimented with ways for users to earn money with their content on the platform.

In addition to Tip Jar, Ticketed Spaces and Newsletter, the short message service announced another source of income for creators at the end of February.

With Super Follows, eligible accounts will now be able to offer paid subscriptions to monetize their content.

The short messaging service has now begun rolling out the Super Follows subscription model in the US and Canada. Initially, iOS users:inside can test the feature who have previously applied to participate in a trial.

How does Super Follows work?

Twitter offers Super Follows in three price categories. Users who opt for the subscription model can charge their Super Followers $2.99, $4.99 or $9.99 per month.

In return, subscribers receive exclusive content. When replying to such an exclusive tweet, the creator is then shown the subscription by a small badge under the name.

Payments are processed via Stripe. According to Twitter, 97 percent of the revenue also ends up directly with the provider of the Super Follows. Only fees from third-party providers are to be deducted.

But this model has a limit when creators reach the income threshold of $50,000. This limit does not only apply to Super Follows, but to all monetization opportunities on the platform.

After that, the percentage decreases to up to 80 percent of the revenue.

Who can use Super Follows?

Of course, Twitter also wants to earn money with the new subscription model. So it’s no wonder that not every:r random user:in is allowed to start the feature.

Twitter users who have at least 10,000 followers and are at least 18 years old are eligible. They must also have tweeted at least 25 times in the past 30 days.

Currently, there is also the restriction that the candidates must be in the USA. Users can apply for the new feature via a waiting list.

The future of Super Follows

Although the new feature is only available to a small test group in the U.S. and Canada, many users around the world are eagerly awaiting it. Until now, it was not possible to monetize content on Twitter.

In the coming weeks, Super Follows will be available in more countries on iOS. Twitter also plans to launch versions for Android and web browsers soon.