The Pentagon has confirmed three videos of UFO sightings in the past year that it cannot explain. People in many places are now eagerly awaiting a report announced for June.

For decades alleged UFO sightings occupy mankind. Whereby the first handed down sightings reach back even into the time of the old Egypt.

In the USA the topic is at present however times again particularly up-to-date. Reason are three videos published in the past year, to which the Pentagon wants to present a report in June.

UFO sightings: Media in the U.S. are falling over themselves

On talk show host James Corden’s U.S. “Late Late Show,” even former U.S. President Barack Obama recently commented on the subject of UFO sightings:

The truth is – and I mean this seriously – that there are recordings of objects in the sky of which we cannot say exactly what they are.

Since then, at the latest, numerous people in the USA have once again been completely electrified. Spurred on by Obama’s statements, countless Americans are currently discussing on social media the videos published last year, the authenticity of which – and this is also sensational for many – the Pentagon has recently confirmed.

The excitement for the report from the U.S. Department of Defense announced for June is therefore all the greater. But expectations may be disappointed.

Pentagon has been researching UFO sightings for decades

The origin for the current hype lies undoubtedly in the videos published in the past year. Already for some years a Pentagon task force is occupied thereby with alleged UFO sightings.

Under the name “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAP), the task force investigates previously unexplained phenomena and reports. The term UFO is to be avoided thereby obviously completely consciously.

Where do the videos come from?

The videos in question contain footage that, according to the U.S. Navy, was taken aboard combat aircraft. They show distant objects that are moving fast and, unfortunately, are not easy to see. The suspicion is that they could also be birds, weather balloons or a scientific phenomenon in general.

Nevertheless, the videos still cause a lot of turmoil and speculation. Especially because their authenticity was confirmed by the Pentagon in spring 2020. This, in turn, is a rather unusual step for the U.S. agency, which usually leaves similar cases under comment.

Upon request, a corresponding report is now to be made available to the U.S. Congress. An abridged version is to be made publicly available in the coming weeks.