WhatsApp has significantly increased the amount of time for deleting messages. Previously, users only had around an hour to do this.

It’s probably happened to everyone at some point: A message quickly gets lost once and then arrives, of all places, where it had absolutely no business being.

For some time now, WhatsApp has allowed users to delete sent messages in such cases. But until now, this decision had to be made relatively quickly.

Until now, the messenger app from Meta only allowed about an hour for this. But that has now changed, as announced on Twitter.

How long can messages on WhatsApp now be deleted?

The tweet states that users will have more than two days to delete their messages. The tech blog 9to5mac took a closer look. According to this, the new limit is two days and twelve hours. Previously, it was only 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

How does deleting messages work on WhatsApp?

It only takes a few clicks to delete a message that was sent by mistake. If you hold down the corresponding message, a drop-down menu opens.

If you click on the menu item “Delete”, you have to make another decision. WhatsApp allows you to choose whether the message should be deleted for everyone or only for yourself.

A new deletion function is also in the works for groups

But the extended deletion period for private messages is not the only new feature in the popular Messenger app. Soon there could also be a new delete function in group chats, as MacMagazine reports.

The Meta subsidiary is working on a function that will allow the admins of group chats to delete messages from other users. However, the function is only available for beta users so far.