Despite all the squabbles and complaints, WhatsApp is still by far the largest and most important messenger in Germany. Now the Facebook subsidiary is finally working on a WhatsApp logout. That means you can log out of your account.

WhatsApp Logout is coming

Almost not a day goes by without the developers of WhatsApp screwing on new features for the most popular and successful Messenger in the world. The latest feature that we users have been waiting for a long time is WhatsApp Logout.

The experts from Wabetainfo have discovered the possibility that you can log out of WhatsApp in the beta version of WhatsApp with version Currently, the feature is in development status.

However, there is already a video that shows you how to log out of WhatsApp. To do so, first open your settings, then select the “Account” tab and finally click “Log out”.

WhatsApp logout is part of the multi-device feature

The ability to finally log out of WhatsApp is part of a larger project at the messenger. The big concept behind it is the so-called multi-device update. This is supposed to enable you to use WhatsApp from multiple devices at the same time.

On the one hand, you have the option to use the web version of WhatsApp while your primary device is not connected to the Internet. On the other hand, you can connect to your WhatsApp account from up to four devices at the same time. So far, this is not possible.

Turn off WhatsApp! Finally peace from notifications

Although it is currently unclear when and in what form a logout function of WhatsApp will be released. Nevertheless, the work in the beta version already shows that the messenger knows the wishes of its customers.

A WhatsApp logout would solve the problem of having peace from the service within seconds. Until now, you had to deactivate WhatsApp’s notifications in the operating system or uninstall the app completely.

Both options require a lot of effort for a few minutes of silence. The new feature would be a real relief.