Everyone is clamoring for Tik Tok. Now even the US retail group Walmart wants to support the technology company Microsoft in buying Tik-Tok. Let’s take a look at what the partnership is all about.

What else can you get out of Tik Tok? That’s a question all companies interested in buying Tik-Tok might ask themselves.

And the US retail chain Walmart is probably one of them. They want to support Microsoft in the purchase and apparently use the app as an online sales platform.

Tik-Tok purchase: Walmart wants to integrate e-commerce and advertising

Walmart told UK business and financial news channel CNBC and news agency Bloomberg that it would be beneficial to users and video creators if e-commerce and advertising could be integrated into Tik Tok.

The retail chain is also convinced that a partnership with Microsoft could be an important step in reaching consumers. Another goal is to build a platform for other retailers as well.

So it seems that Walmart is aiming to expand its e-commerce business. In the United States, the company competes with the industry giant Amazon. A Tik-Tok purchase with Microsoft could help Walmart grow faster and further.

Microsoft could gain a foothold in e-commerce

And of course Microsoft could also gain a lot of positive things from a partnership with Walmart. After all, it would be an opportunity for the software company to gain a foothold in e-commerce.

In addition, Microsoft and Walmart together would probably have a very good chance of making the Tik-Tok purchase. Most recently, the US software company Oracle was still considered the favorite. Now the roles could change again.

By September 20, 2020, Bytedance, the Chinese parent company behind Tik Tok, must have found a buyer for the app. The deadline can be extended once. After that, US President Donald Trump stops all transactions.

In the end Bytedance wanted to take legal action against the Executive Ordner imposed by Trump. At best, however, the company will only gain time – sooner or later, a tik-tok purchase seems to be the only alternative.