Netflix is apparently working on a live streaming feature. According to reports, the streaming provider wants to broadcast its comedy specials and reality shows live in the future. According to Netflix, however, the function is still in the development phase.

In addition to numerous licensed products and its own movies and series, streaming provider Netflix is also known for its comedy specials. These are recordings of live shows by well-known comedians. But now Netflix is apparently working on a new function to broadcast such content and other formats live in the future.

According to the US magazine Deadline, the plans are still in the early stages of development. An official confirmation from Netflix is still pending. Deadline also points out that there is still no fixed schedule for the implementation of live content.

New feature: Will Netflix soon broadcast live content?

Streaming providers such as Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video focus primarily on broadcasting pre-recorded movies and series. Live formats have so far played a subordinate role. With a live streaming function, Netflix would in turn increasingly compete with linear television.

This would primarily involve the live transmission of comedy shows. According to Deadline, however, it would also be possible for Netflix to show such content with a delay of a few seconds in order to be able to react spontaneously and remove certain scenes if necessary.

A live function would also include so-called reunions of reality shows. The focus would be on reunions of participants in shows like “Selling Sunset” or “Too Hot to Handle”.

These are Netflix’s current plans

Formats such as the comedy festival “Netflix is a joke,” which took place in May 2022, could also be broadcast live in the future. So far, however, Netflix still records such content and shows it a few weeks later – in this case, at the end of May and beginning of June 2022.

Netflix recently published its worst quarterly figures in a long time, as the streaming service recorded a decline in subscribers for the first time in ten years. As a result, Netflix shares plummeted by around 40 percent. In the meantime, the company has reacted and announced an affordable subscription model that also includes advertising.

In addition, the streaming giant wants to take more action against so-called account sharing. The planned live streaming function also seems to be part of Netflix’s efforts to make up for the poor quarterly figures.