It was only last year that TikTok launched its own Stories format. Now a new sharing function is to be introduced that will make it easier to share TikTok Stories on Facebook and Instagram.

This news should make those responsible at Facebook and Instagram anything but happy. That’s because efforts are underway at Meta to limit content from TikTok and prioritize original content instead.

But with a latest sharing function for the still relatively new TikTok Stories, the tide could now be turning. TikTok wants to make it much easier for its users to share their stories on other social media platforms.

TikTok Stories: What can the new sharing function do?

After Facebook and Instagram were busy cribbing functions from other social networks for years, TikTok has now also discovered this trick for itself. Since last year, the short video app has also been experimenting with a Stories function.

And as we know from existing formats, users like to share their stories on all available platforms in one go. This will also be possible with TikTok in the future.

As the company confirmed to TechCrunch, there will be a new sharing function for TikTok Stories.

This will enable users to share their Stories directly outside the app. For example, they can be shared simultaneously on Facebook, Instagram and Reddit.

How does sharing TikTok Stories work?

The new Stories sharing interface was first discovered by Users:inside can now create their Stories as usual by tapping on their profile picture. There are now more options here in the send mode than before.

TikTok seems to have its competitor Instagram in particular in its sights. The new function includes two buttons for the meta-subsidiary.

On the one hand, users can post their TikTok Stories directly to their Instagram Stories. Another option is sharing on Instagram – i.e. as a post in the newsfeed.

When will the new Sharnig feature be available?

As TikTok confirmed to TechCrunch, the feature has “recently” been rolled out. However, it se possible that the new Stories sharing is not yet available in every app.

However, the company has not revealed when it will roll out the new feature globally. In fact, that could take a while, as Stories itself is still in the testing phase.